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We hope that nothing ever happens that causes you to have an insurance claim. However, if you do have a claim, we have the resources, expertise, and experience to advocate on your behalf.

If you have suffered a loss or damage that may be covered by your insurance policy, please contact our Claims Department:

T: 604-269-1010

Office Hours: Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

If you have an urgent situation and the Claims Department is unavailable, please advise the receptionist that you need immediate assistance with a claim and your call will be directed to another licensed staff member who will assist you. For after hours emergencies, please contact ClaimsPro:

T: 1.866.552.COAST (1.866.552.6278).

Please review the following important information that will assist in the handling of your claim.

  • (a) When a loss occurs, proceed in a manner as if no insurance existed and take all immediate steps necessary to prevent further damage.
  • (b) Organize the details of the loss for reporting - insured name, time, date, location, type of loss, witnesses (if any) and phone numbers of the people to contact on site.
  • (c) Call us to report the loss, discuss coverage and to confirm your deductible. We will record all of the details for you, report it to the Insurers and give you directions on the next steps. This will be handled promptly.
  • (d) Do not begin any repairs of the resultant damage until you have directions on how to proceed. If you do start repairs without prior approval, the Insurers could deny your claim. The Insurers have a legal right to view the damage before repairs commence.
  • (e) Save any evidence which may aid in recovering from a third party (eg. Faulty toilet tank, pipe fixtures, etc)

If your Corporation owns any “Contents” such as furniture, appliances, paintings, exercise equipment, tools or similar items, we suggest that you do an inventory of these items; take some pictures and keep these with any receipts that you have for these purchases. This will help you to prove your loss and it will speed up the settlement of your claim.

If someone suffers a bodily injury or damage to their own property, this may become a third party liability claim. Please report the details of the incident to us immediately, even if you do not believe the Corporation is in any way responsible. Do not accept any responsibility to the claimant as that is for the Adjuster or the Courts to decide. If you receive a writ claiming for damages or compensation, please contact us immediately.

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